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Greetings Golfers,

Just have some random thoughts … hope they tie together.

Wrote a column for the June issue of Tee Times magazine about how every golfer has to develop a hook swing – then spend the rest of their golfing life fighting off the hook. I know it sounds crazy – but it’s true. So not to go into the hook swing in detail like I did in the column, but … I want to emphasize a “strong” grip for most golfers. Meaning, that the thumb of the left hand should rest against the right hand side of the golf shaft. Too many people have the thumb going down the middle of the shaft and thus can’t close the clubface with their hands … so they square up the clubface with their shoulders. The shoulder swing is an over-the-top swing that leads to slices, smother hooks, fat shots, and shanks … not very desirable.

Was reminded of Tiger’s streak of 142 tournaments in a row where he made the cut. That’s crazy. Like DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak – maybe even crazier. Rory just missed two cuts in a row … and I think Rory is more talented than Tiger. Tiger was just insanely driven and determined … can’t imagine that anyone will ever break that no-cut streak of his.

It’s always a challenge to keep staff energized and optimistic. That’s not a complaint but reality – and we have a phenomenal staff. While talking to some staff, they mentioned a person who is “nice but not kind”. Interesting. I’d never thought of that before. But kindness is what is really important. Niceness is … nice. But kindness is what it’s all about.

So, maybe I can tie this all together. If you can develop a hook swing, be determined, and be kind … life – not just golf – should be pretty good.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional