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Greetings Golfers,

In America it’s spelled “rumor” and elsewhere it’s “rumour”. Remember the big Fleetwood Mac album in 1977 – they spelled it “Rumours”.

Fleetwood Mac named the album “Rumours” because of all the rumors flying around at that time about the band. I think it was their biggest album … but of course I liked them before “Rumours” when they were a blues band and Bob Welch wrote their best songs.

I’ve never really been with the current culture – even back in my youth.

But, we are in the middle of the culture as far as rumors … so I thought I’d tackle some of what’s floating around out there:

* We are not renting out the golf course for a zillion dollars during the Ryder Cup. We do have a deal with a company out of Chicago for 4 days (ThursdaySunday) during the Ryder Cup … but we won’t have gold-plated golf carts next year.
* Telephone poles will not be strung along the golf course. I seriously thought that telephone poles were a thing of the past. I couldn’t believe it was a possibility. It was an option – but thankfully it’s not happening.
* Our staff is not leaving. They claim to be happy and not leaving for greener pastures (do such places even exist?).
* Harvey will not be our official mascot. He rejected our offer.
* Marty Lass – the venerable Head Pro at Edina CC – has challenged me to a duel. True. But it’s a duel of words. He wants to take a team before the Ryder Cup and beat yours truly with his vaunted verbal attack.

Whether it’s spelled rumor or rumour – it still means the same thing.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional