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Ryder Cup Thoughts

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Greetings Golfers,

Being a life-long Minnesota sports fan, last week’s Ryder Cup seemed all too normal … I’m used to watching my teams lose.

Is it all about winning and losing? No – seriously. Obviously I want my teams to win, but I also like watching great players play their games. But, I need to like my teams even if they lose. Every team has a personality and style of play … and that part is very important to me.

Was the 2014 American Ryder Cup team very likable? Not very. Was Tom Watson a great captain? No. Did he deserve to have Phil Mickleson blast him at the final press conference? No – Mickleson was out of line. I happen to agree with what he said, but to say such things in that situation was very disrespectful. Phil better hope that Watson doesn’t have friends in the Mafia.

As you know, the next Ryder Cup will be here in Minnesota in 2016. Our neighbor Hazeltine National will be hosting the Event. Can I get all of you tickets? Of course … just stop by the Pro Shop, we’ll be giving them out with our tees and scorecards.

Will we be doing fun stuff for the 2016 Ryder Cup? Of course. Will I spill the beans now? Of course not. Will that Fall be crazy because of the Twins led by Molitor or Mientkiewicz playing in the World Series? And the undefeated Vikings led by Coach of the Year Mike Zimmer? And the Jerry Kill Rose Bowl bound Gophers? I’m planning on it.

Fall of 2016 could be the dream season for Minnesota sports fans. We deserve it.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional