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Greetings Golfers,

Every week I try to write something that you would want to read. If it’s just “same-old, same-old”… what’s the point? My favorites are when I write something that you know – but no one says it… and needs to be said.

I try not be be self-serving. That’s not always easy – I can be shamelessly self-serving and self-promoting. So I try to keep these weekly emails free and pure (try).

But, this time I need to “jump the shark”.  Let’s call it “informational” instead of “promotional”.

First off… Senior Rates for everyone during the month of October. Everyday. All day. Everyone.

Secondly… For the second year in a row… the readers of Tee Times Magazine voted Deer Run Golf Club the “Best Hospitality Award”. Obviously we would like to win every award. But some awards are really more about how much money you spend on the golf course, clubhouse, etc … sort of like the Yankees. But, the Hospitality award is not about who has the deepest pockets… it’s about attitude… the friendly and helpful attitude of our staff.

That’s it. Hope it wasn’t too obnoxious. Hope to see you a lot in October.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional