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Spring Ahead

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Greetings Golfers,

Two years ago we opened for play on March 16. We weren’t forcing it – it was 74 degrees and the course was ready to go. Then last year, we opened at the end of April and then closed for a week in May because of a blizzard.

Both of those years were very unusual.

So, I’ve expected this year to be normal. Our normal opening is around April 7. Will we open around then this year? Maybe. Barry Provo – our Greenkeeper – is a very wise man. He said that the frost under the fairways is minimal, and that the snow is light and not compacted. Thus, once it warms up, spring could come very quickly.

That’s only a month away. Are you ready? I’m not. I need to get in shape. A few weeks ago I played with some serious players, and we all walked and carried our bags. Some of us were tired after only 6 holes. Well not exactly some of us… rather, one of us. I fueled up after 9, but that only carried me for a couple of holes. My last 4 holes were not impressive.

Even though golf is not physically intense – it helps to be in shape.

We won’t open early this year. But we probably won’t open late. That gives us March to get in shape. I don’t mean marathon shape – I mean golf shape.

This Sunday is Spring Ahead … sort of the perfect phrase to get ready for the golf season.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Profesional