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Take Time to Play Golf

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My brother Dan is coming down to visit in SC so we have to tee it up – a bunch.

Because of relationships I have with other pros, we’re scheduled to play some unbelievable golf courses over the next few days.

Do I say this to gloat? No, well maybe … but I’m trying to make a point about golf and relationships. Obviously, business golf is about developing relationships. But more importantly, friendships are made and deepened on the golf course. Family relationships – even romantic relationships flourish out there.

People complain that the world has gotten too hurried. I agree. They also complain that golf takes up too much time – I do not agree. Thank God that golf takes time … relationships take time … the good things in life take time.

Time spent playing golf – good. Time spent with people you love/like – good. Time spent with those people on the golf course – good as it gets.


Tom Abts