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The 41st Ryder Cup

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Greetings Golfers,

Next week at this time the 41st Ryder Cup will be in full swing at Hazeltine National.

I’m not a big lover of crowds or hype … but I’m looking forward to seeing it live and in person. It’s always fun to see the best in the world … and these guys are the best.
Bubba Watson is ranked 7th in the world and may not be Davis Love’s final pick. Bubba’s a weird cat. I’m not sure team golf is his forte. And that’s what Love has to decide – can Bubba play team golf?

Patrick Reed is another odd duck – and not well liked. But he seems to thrive in team golf. He was a great college player and has played well in the Ryder Cup.

I’d probably pick Justin Thomas. He just seems like a Ryder Cup guy.

They’ve been talking about the need for chemistry, and I would agree. The European teams always seem to be having fun and enjoying the Ryder Cup. The American teams always seem uptight and freaked out … except in 2008 when America had goofballs like Bo Weekly … and they won!

Well, I hope you’re going. For most of us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Next week’s blog will be a Ryder Cup battle of words between Marty Lass and yours truly. Marty is the venerable PGA Head Pro at Edina CC and will be representing the European team.

I’ll need luck to hold my own with Marty – team USA will probably need a little luck too.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional