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The Heart of a Lion

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Greetings Golfers,

Golf can be very frustrating. Life can be very frustrating. Some people deal with these frustrations with grace. I used to think their graciousness was the result of being relaxed and easy going. Now I think it comes from having the heart of a lion.

Yesterday, Don Ellwood, playing in our Thursday Men’s League, made a Hole-in-One. Though only in his 50’s … Don’s body has been breaking down for at least 10 years. In fact, I can’t believe he can play golf. Is Don one of those relaxed, easy going guys? No. Is he cheerful, and kind, and warm spirited? Yes.

After Don made his Ace on hole #2 … the word spread like wildfire across the golf course and clubhouse. I figured that he’d come in after 9 holes and celebrate his amazing achievement. He was tired – really tired. But, he was determined to finish his round. Which he did. All 18 holes.

The story gets better. He shot 89. I can’t tell you how amazing that score is. That score was the result of having the heart of a lion. Most of us would have quit after 9. Heck, most of us in Don’s condition wouldn’t have even played.

The heart of a lion doesn’t show itself in pointless displays of roaring. It tackles life’s challenges with grace and class.

Cheers to Don Ellwood,

Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional