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The PGA Show 2017

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Greetings Golfers,       

Today is the last day of the 2017 PGA Show in Orlando.

I love the Show … I get to see what’s new in golf equipment, clothing, carts, business systems, etc. But I especially love seeing old friends and making new friends. We all share a love of the game of golf.

That love is really the bottom line of success in the golf business. The people who really care get through the hard times. The people who think it’s just sort of a fun business seldom survive – they can’t deal with the tough stuff.

Is golf bouncing back from its tough times? Yes. Does that mean that every golf course and every golf manufacturer will be successful? No. Not only do people have to be passionate – they have to know what their doing … and they especially have to know their market. Too many companies try to be everything to everyone. Bigger doesn’t mean better.

Golf companies are trying to move away from the old and stuffy scene – they don’t want to be Judge Smails. But they don’t necessarily know where to go. I think they have lots of options. There’s a new, younger golf scene that wants golf to be more of a sport than a game. Fine. There’s a new, young scene that wants golf to be more relaxed and sort of cool. Fine. Go for it. But figure it out – don’t just do it half-way.

Golf is figuring out that it can come in many forms: the PGA Tour, 9 hole courses, fancy golf resorts, old school country clubs, muni golf courses, college golf teams, senior golf leagues, women’s golf events, charity fund raisers, business golf … I could go on and on.

Does that sound like a weak industry? Hardly. Its strength is its diversity and options … but its weakness is when it tries to be “one size fits all”.

The PGA Show offers many great options … I wish it lasted a month.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional