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The Road of Sacrifice

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Greetings Y’all,

I’m down in South Carolina doing research for the betterment of golf, and also for the golfers of Deer Run Golf Club. You can thank me later.

For example, a few days ago, I gave a lesson to a young SC golf pro. Just because he’s a better player than I am, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t ask for my help. Do you think that Tiger Woods’ teachers are better players than he is? And just because he’s a better player, that doesn’t mean that you and he don’t have the same problems.

Back to my lesson. This talented young man was lining up right of his target. With that set-up, either he can make a good swing and hit the ball right of his target, or he can come-over-the-top and pull the ball at his target. This is not conducive to consistent, good shots.

Here’s another example of my sacrifice for the betterment of the game and DRGC: Yesterday, I played golf with a good friend and noticed he was lining up right of his target. Because we weren’t playing for any money, I kindly pointed out the error of his ways (his alignment).

Lining up right of the target is very common. People think that they should line up their feet at their target. Not so. They should line up their feet left of their target. You need to line up enough left, so that you have enough room to swing out at your target. You heard me – swing OUT at your target.

You’re welcome. I’ll continue on my road of sacrifice.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional