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The Three Cs

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Greetings Golfers,

Tomorrow is our 26th Annual Ranger/Starter Meeting.
About 15 years ago at this meeting, I introduced sort of a mission statement. It was called the 3 C’s – Communication, Courtesy, and Commonsense.

It was not a rule book. It just emphasized the need for our staff to use their head. One of our Rangers wanted more signs telling people what not to do. I explained that’s why we have Rangers and not signs. Too often signs are scolding – people don’t play golf to be scolded.

And I don’t want our Rangers scolding people. That’s why the 3 C’s matter. If the Rangers communicate in a courteous way and use common sense … no one gets scolded. Do we need Rangers to keep play moving? Yes. And do we need Rangers to offer assistance if needed. Yes. Signs can’t do those things.

The 3 C’s are at the heart of all service businesses. Robots and signs can’t substitute for a Courteous person with Commonsense who is a good Communicator.

You’d get a kick out of our interview process. Basically, it’s all about the culture of Deer Run GC. If they don’t get it, they don’t get hired – no matter how wonderful their resume may be.

The three C’s – it’s not rocket science … but it’s vital for a good customer experience.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional