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Tiger, Rory, and Brandel

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Greetings Golfers,

Tiger Woods is still in the news. This time as an example for Rory McIlroy … and Brandel Chamblee says he’s a BAD example! Not Woods’ personal life – but his work-out life. Brandel expressed concern that Rory was getting too big from lifting weights and that it would mess him up like it messed up Tiger.

Of course Rory appreciated Chamblee’s public comments. Not so much! Rory came back on Twitter saying that he lifts weights but is not trying to be a body-builder.

I’m old school on this one. I think Tiger got way too big and it changed his golf swing (not for the better). And, I think it is directly linked to the back problems he’s having now.

As far as wanting more distance … look at Sam Snead. Or look at Bubba Watson. Who hits it farther than Bubba? Is he some weight lifting beast? Sam Snead was as long as anyone and played well until he was an old man. And he played every day!

Golfers need strong legs … but walking will strengthen your legs all you need. And we need strong hands and forearms – squeeze a tennis ball or some such thing. But what we really need is flexibility. That’s what I’ve lost as I’ve gotten older and it’s the main reason for the distance I’ve lost over the years.

In the 1996 Masters, skinny Tiger Woods averaged 342 yards off the tee. In the 2002 Masters, bulked up Tiger averaged 293 yards off the tee.

Sam Snead was unbelievably flexible – the secret to his beautiful and long lasting golf swing. Snead should be Rory’s model – not Tiger.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional