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Tour Swing and Can’t Break 100

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Greetings Golfers,

The other night, a young man was in my office talking about his golf game. Nothing unusual about that, but what was unusual was that his friends said that he swings like a Tour Player and can’t break 100. What? And, all of his numbers on Trackman are perfect – launch angle, clubhead speed etc. And he plays like a Pro on an indoor simulator.

But golf is a game that is played outdoors on a golf course.

Here’s a great quote from Bobby Jones: “Golf is played by striking the ball with the head of the club. The objective of the player is not to swing the club in a specified manner, nor to execute a series of complicated movements in a prescribed sequence, nor to look pretty while he is doing it, but primarily and essentially to strike the ball with the head of the club so that the ball will perform according to his wishes. No one can play golf until he knows the many ways in which a ball can be expected to respond when it is struck in different ways. If you think this all should be obvious, please believe me when I assure you that I have seen many really good players attempt shots that they should have known were impossible.”

So what does Jones mean and how does that pertain to our Tour Swing 100 score golfer? You have to train your hands to control the clubhead. That goes for every shot – putting, chipping, irons, driving, bunker shots, etc. Your golf swing doesn’t hit the ball … your golf swing puts you in a position to hit the shot with your hands.

That basic fact has become lost or taken for granted on the modern obsession with developing a perfect powerful golf swing.

Work on your chipping. Become a great chipper of the golf ball. That skill will translate to control of the clubhead on all of your shots.

I told the young “Tour Player” that he needed to develop his hands. I hope he tries to do it … and I hope you do too.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional