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Visiting Ireland and Sampling Guinness

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Hope you’re enjoying the weather. I’ve heard that the Deer Run golf course is in great shape. Heard? Yeah – I’m in Ireland.

Have I played golf in Ireland? No… But went to Lahinch yesterday (the St. Andrews of Ireland)… and just walked around. Spent an hour next to the first tee talking (listening) to one of their elderly members talk about life, philosophy, and medicine (he was a doctor). He was right out the book Golf In The Kingdom. I know that I’m a little out-there… maybe on a different planet, but this guy was in a different universe… probably the smartest, most interesting guy I’ve ever met. Wish that we could have hung-out in a Pub.

Speaking of Pubs… they’re just great. The people here love to talk, and the Guinness just fuels the fire. I’d always heard that the Guinness in Ireland is better than it is in the States… I don’t agree. I think that the Guinness in the Deer Run Pub is just as good, and I’ve been sampling Guinness all over Ireland (just to make sure).

I may be in Ireland, but you’ve got better weather in Minnesota – in March! Unbelievable… as they say over here “Thank your lucky stars”. Hope you’re teeing it up… and drinking a pint of Guinness.


Tom Abts