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We’re Not Moving

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Let’s clear the air – we are not moving. Don’t worry, we will not become the Deer Run Golf Club of Los Angeles. I know, if we were in LA we could be open every day all year long … but we are loyal to our Minnesota roots.

April flew by – can’t believe next week is May. For us, May is the start of the real season. April is the preseason – just trying to work out the kinks. We had a great preseason – the course is already in midseason form. The Pro Shop is ready with new, cool stuff and the Pub will be freshly stocked with classic food and drink.

That’s a major reason why we won’t move to LA – we’re classic. Think about it: we’re the old farmhouse, the Irish Pub, the classic old-school course lay out, we play classic rock, etc. Classic and fun – a pretty good combination.


Tom Abts