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Winter Tune-up

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Greetings Golfers,

The Holidays are over. I survived, but probably gained 100 lbs. (that’s why I don’t have a scale). Though I don’t know how much weight I gained, I do know that I need to get in shape.

I just read an article about Gary Player. He’s 75 years old and does a 1000 sit-ups every morning … and 1000 push-ups … and swims … and runs stairs … and meditates. Did the article inspire me? Not so much – depressed is probably more accurate. But it did make me aware that I have to start now to get ready for the golf season.

So, are you ready? Are your clubs ready? Regripped, etc. How about you? Don’t go crazy, but maybe a few sit-ups and push-ups would be good. And get those legs in shape – long walks can do wonders.

Hit a few a balls at some of the indoor ranges. And do a lot of chipping. Chip in the house – improve your feel of the club and making contact – that’s the best thing you can do for your golf game.

It doesn’t have to be all hard work. Take a break and watch the PGA Tour on TV. Have you seen the new Rory – Tiger ad? It’s pretty incredible.

Hope you’re inspired.

Tom Abts