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Winter Wonderland

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Greetings Golfers,

It’s here. This is not a mirage or a tease. Winter has arrived.

I don’t know how it sneaks up on me every year – how can this be a surprise?

And what about “balance”?  I’m slowly understanding the need for balance in my life… but this weather seems pretty extreme. And, I don’t want it balanced with super hot weather next summer. I guess I’m looking for moderation.

When teaching the golf swing, I tried to get the student to understand how to hit big slices and big hooks at will. Sometimes they’d resist and say “This is crazy – I already hit wild shots – I want to hit it straight.” Then I’d try to explain that through learning how to hit extreme shots, they would learn how to hit straights shows – that’s how they’d find control and moderation.

They hit wild shots… but they didn’t know why. You can’t be in control if you don’t know why.

Well, Mother Nature is in control of the weather. And I’m sure she knows why it’s so cold. I don’t. That’s why it’s always a surprise to me every winter. I just know that the seasons change.  And because I’m not in control, I just react. But, I do want to be in control of my golf swing… I don’t like it when my shots are a “surprise”.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional