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Year End Thoughts

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2010 was an odd year. It felt like the country was on the verge of an economic depression … maybe that’s why the year seemed so unfocused, sort of like everyone was living in limbo waiting to see what was going to happen. It was definitely not a bold, clear year.

Speaking of limbo … how about those Vikings? How come no one is talking about since Childress has left, that the defense is playing with agression and finally blitzing. Obviously, the offense has been more agressive … but why no talk of the defense? And … why all of the hatred toward Favre? He was handcuffed by Chilly all year …or he was hurt … why does Chilly have a free pass? His ridiculous style of football is why the season was a disaster. The local media boys hate Favre and love to pound on him while he’s down … they were always on Chilly’s side … they love mediocrity … they should read a little Nietzsche and grow some stones.

Speaking of Nietzsche … he would have seen this year of limbo as a classic example of modern herd mentality. I just read a moronic review of TRUE GRIT … it’s a great movie, and this reveiwer only saw it from a Marxist point of view … he was disturbed that it wasn’t politically correct … well, the era that the movie takes place in wasn’t politically correct … what does he expect? This constant need to blame independent personalities (Favre) and love the weakness of mob mentality is shocking. I would have thought that the advent of industrialism and technology would have freed up people enough to break away from the herd … instead, the herd mentality seems even stronger than ever … you’ve got the commune weanies on one side and the Babbitt idiots on the other side … where are independent individuals?

Let’s start to loosen up the reigns and start living like real people … how’s that for a goal for 2011?