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Your Brain

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You know that I have to at least mention Bubba Watson and the Masters. Every year I always end up saying “That was the greatest Masters ever” … it’s always incredible – what a testament to the layout and the tournament. I love Bubba Watson – the whole deal – the crazy swing, the pink shaft, the emotional personality … how good is he for golf? For sports? For life?

That’s enough – the media’s already covered it. Let’s talk about your golf game. You need to develop both sides of your brain to improve your golf game and enjoy it more. The driving range is your science lab – that’s where you search for the truth. The golf course is your canvas – that’s where you’re an artist. Don’t confuse the two. Working on your swing while you play, will take the joy out of the game. Look at Tiger Woods – he’s always working on his swing while on the course – is he having fun? is that working for him? But, you do need to practice. An artist who can’t paint or play an instrument cannot perform what they feel – they need to do the work. But, the scientist who can’t express what he’s learned isn’t finishing the job either. This is your year to develop your golf game and both sides of your brain and personality.


Tom Abts