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You’ve Gotta Have Heart

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Greetings Golfers,

They did it. They lost over 100 games last year … and this year they made the playoffs. Of course I’m referring to the Minnesota Twins – the former Washington Senators.

The playoffs for them is really only a playoff game against the other wild card team – the NY Yankees. A classic battle of Good vs. Evil.

In fact, this battle goes back so far that there was even a famous play/movie made about it in the 1950s … I’m sure you’ve heard of “Damn Yankees”. The main character  sells his soul to the Devil so that his beloved Washington Senators can beat the hated Yankees.

You would have thought moving to Minnesota almost 60 years ago would have broken the hex that the Yankees have over the Senators … but it doesn’t seem to have gone away.

But maybe this year is the year. The song “Heart” is my favorite of the show. You’d know if you’d heard it. It goes: “You’ve gotta have heart … miles and miles and miles of heart … “

Well this year’s Senators/Twins do have miles of heart.

Let’s hope Tuesday they can break the hex without having to sell their souls.


Tom Abts
GM and Head Golf Professional